911 Calls: Landlord Tenant Disputes

Variable Definition

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Calls (count): The total number of 911 calls regarding landlord-tenant disputes in an area

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Calls per 10,000 People: The total number of 911 calls for landlord-tenant disputes per 10,000 people in an area

Data Source

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD)

Data notes

More About Landlord-Tenant Dispute Calls: This data may include events where landlords or property managers shut-off their tenants’ utilities, remove their tenants’ windows and/or doors, illegally change their tenants’ locks, and illegally remove services such as parking or access to shared space; this also includes other instances where landlords or property owners may use verbal or written language to harass, and/or informally evict their tenants. Lastly, these calls may also include landlords calling the police on tenants, which may be another form of harassment in and of itself.