Household Income Groups

Variable Definition

Household Income Groups: The percentage of households* with incomes that fall into the following ranges:

  • Over $100,000
  • Between $60,000 and 99,999
  • Between 30,0000 and $59,000
  • Less than $30,000

*In order to exclude USC students who are likely in school full time and therefore making very little income, households with no residents over the age of 25 are excluded from this data.

Data Source

2019 & 2010 American Community Survey 5-year estimates

Data notes

5-Year Estimates: Each year of data shown is a “5-year estimate,” or an average of data collected over a five year period. 5-year estimates are used to increase the reliability of the data at small geographies like neighborhoods and census tracts. The years noted in this dataset represent the final year of the five year average (e.g. “2010” represents 2006-2010 data, “2011” represents 2007-2011 data, and so on).